5th Wheel Mobilizer Dolly Set


Nomenclature: 5th Wheel Mobilizer Dolly Set
Part Number: 206795

Unlike the lunette ring/pintle connection associated with most shelter mobilizers, the Fifth Wheel Mobilizer Dolly Set provides a true fifth wheel attachment to connect to the standard kingpin utilized by over-the-road tractors. Because of the rotating 5th wheel connection, the system can turn in a very tight circle, with the rear inside wheel remaining almost stationary. The 5th Wheel design also permits precise backing of the shelter into tight places.
The front portion of the Fifth Wheel Mobilizer Dolly Set consists of a rigid frame which connects to the four ISO Corner castings on the front end of a container. This half also includes lifting jacks for raising of the container up to kingpin height, and electrical and air brake connections to the tow vehicle. The front part also includes removable castor wheels to assist with positioning and connection to the container. The frame attaches to the tractor kingpin the same way as any commercial semi-trailer.
The M1022-A1 system was proven with more than 12,000 miles of testing on all types of terrain at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground. The rear portion of the Fifth Wheel Mobilizer Dolly Set is the rear half of the standard US Army M1022-A1 Dolly Set. This half part includes a diesel engine hydraulic system for attachment to the shelter and for lifting up to ride height. The rear half also includes shock absorbers and air bags to provide for a smooth ride and permits towing on rough terrain surfaces (only limited by capabilities of the prime mover). Air brakes are included on the rear unit, as is a parking brake system capable of holding the weight of the entire system when disconnected from the tow vehicle. Other details of the rear dolly can be found in the M1022-A1 Dolly Set portion of this site.

Performance Specifications:
Specification MIL-S-55541
Tare Weight:
4,700 lbs. (2,136 kg)
Capacity: 20,000 lbs. (12,500 kg)
Width: 96 in (244 cm)
Height: 96 in (244 cm)
Length: (w/20 ft Shelter) 407 in (1034 cm)

Highway Speed: 50 mph (90 kph)
Off-Road Speed: 15 mph (25 kph)
Tire Size: 12R x 22.5
Ground Clearance: 14 in (25 cm)
The leading particulars shown above are based on the tested configuration as fielded with the US Navy in early 2004

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