All Orville needed to do was wave his arms when his brother Wilbur was landing in Kitty Hawk. In time, tall control towers were constructed to direct air traffic, and the infrastructures of modern airports became grander and greater. Everyday, controllers climb stairs, take a seat, and guide aircraft safely home.

Twenty years ago, the US Army required a solution to take the entire air traffic control infrastructure of an airport on the road. In fact, the Army wanted to secure a road, set-up equipment, and instantaneously have a fully functioning airport. Wenzlau Engineering began the process by developing a mobile control tower shelter using a pop-top roof with windows (TRV-SRV). Over the years, we have enhanced follow-on versions including Air Traffic Control and Landing System/Tower Restoral Vehicle (ATCALS/TRV).

Each evolution of the design has incorporated enhanced technologies and ingenuity, which today results in the Mobile Tower System (MOTS) that is deployed worldwide. MOTS developed into a program of record and Wenzlau Engineering maintained a continued involvement under the leadership of Sierra Nevada Corporation. As the nature of warfare changes and the program requirements escalated, Wenzlau continued to provide creative solutions. IEDs required armament and Wenzlau developed an armor kit. The first system was deployed in Afghanistan in 2012. But whether it is supporting a nearby airport after a tornado or soldiers on the battlefield, MOTS is an integrated solution that combines military-grade ruggedness with mobility and agility. This is a solution that adds security and stability to drastic situations to improve lives anywhere in the world.

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About Wenzlau Engineering

Wenzlau Engineering, Inc. was established in 1956 to provide engineering solutions for the protection and mobilization of sophisticated electronic systems. We remain focused on our initial mission to provide each customer with a single source for mobile products and services resulting in a solution that is cost effective, quick to market and consistently reliable. Our extensive capabilities allow us to assist our clients throughout a program, including conceptualization, business development, engineering, project management, manufacturing, testing, and after sales support.