Army Standard Family Shelters


These lightweight, highly versatile 20' ISO units can be utilized as maintenance facilities, command & communications centers, medical clinics, or other applications. The expandable shelter variants are designed to allow for increased operating volume, while maintaining the dimensional requirements of ISO 668 during transportation and storage (8' x 8' x 20').

Military Specifications:
ASTM E1976, ASTM E1977, ASTM E1978
ISO/ANSI Specifications: ISO 668, ISO 1496/1, ISO 1161, ISO 3874
Exterior Dimensions: 96 in. high, 96 in. wide, 238-1/2 in. long
Unobstructed Interior Dimensions (Non-Expanded): 83.0 in. high, 90.6 in. wide, 220.5 in. long
Service Life: 15 years service, 20 years storage
Temperature Extremes:
Operating: -65° F to +125° F plus solar load
Non-operating: -80° F to +160° F
Heat Transfer:
One-Side: 0.35 BTU/hr. ft 2/f
Two-Side: 0.35 BTU/hr. ft 2/f

Roof Loads: Withstands a snow load of 40 lbs/ft2
Performance Specifications: Weight:
15 years service, 20 years storage
Single-Side: 9,480 lbs
Double-Side: 8,050 lbs
Wall Attachment Loading: Potted Inserts installed anywhere withstand 455 Kg (1000 pounds) tensile loads.
Watertightness: Double gaskets at all seams for protection against rainfall of 6 in/hr
Optional Items: Skids: Three full-length replaceable skids

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