With Operation Iraqi Freedom, the United States endeavored to liberate the citizens of Iraq. The invasion phase consisted primarily of a conventionally fought war and culminated with the fall of Baghdad. Every day in the years following the invasion, militant insurgents crossed the borders into Iraq and attacked the coalition forces and people of Iraq. The country could not be stabilized. A few years into the conflict, the United States deployed groundbreaking insurgent-hunting technologies. These capabilities enabled the United States to close the borders to hostile insurgents. The coalition forces were able to stabilize the country by stemming the attacks from outside its boarders by utilizing these new technologies. This ability to detect and stop insurgents is credited with turning the tide of the war and the eventual freedom of Iraq.

Wenzlau Engineering played a major part in this mission’s success by providing rapidly deployable turnkey data centers. Starting with a back of the napkin concept, we worked with the US military to develop a mobilized solution that allows for deployment on most any available military aircraft. Our tactical shelters allow for the secure processing of highly sensitive data and include equipment necessary for stand-alone operations. Our systems can be “dropped” anywhere in the world at a moment's notice and reliably operate without the need for any local infrastructure. Elements include Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), multi-band satellite links, power generators, environmental control units, and ruggedized electronic equipment. Our missions with this system have expanded well beyond the borders of Iraq and we continue to manufacture equipment for and support the successes of each new mission.

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Wenzlau Engineering, Inc. was established in 1956 to provide engineering solutions for the protection and mobilization of sophisticated electronic systems. We remain focused on our initial mission to provide each customer with a single source for mobile products and services resulting in a solution that is cost effective, quick to market and consistently reliable. Our extensive capabilities allow us to assist our clients throughout a program, including conceptualization, business development, engineering, project management, manufacturing, testing, and after sales support.