Expandable Shelters


The newest Expandable ISO Shelter is a 20-foot ISO-style shelter that provides for rapid deployment and expansion. Our new and improved approach for this shelter design allows for faster deployment, with fewer moving parts. This Expandable Shelter provides the added floor space needed for command, Control and Communications systems needs. When expanded, the One-Side Expandable ISO Shelter (1:2) provides almost 25 square meters of operational floor space. When closed, the shelter meets the dimensional requirements of ISO 668 and ANSI MH5.4 allowing for transport using all common intermodal transport methods. The expandable section nests inside the main 20-foot ISO section during transport. The floor panel of the expandable section is hinged longitudinally, allowing the floor section to fold in half when the shelter is closed for transport.

ISO/ANSI Specifications:
ISO 1496/1 and ANSI MH5.1.1.1 and 5.4
Exterior Dimensions: 96 in. high 96 in. wide, 238-1/2 in. long
Interior Dimensions (Non-Expanded): 84-5/16 in. high, 89 in. wide, 232 in. long
Service Life: 15 years service, 20 years storage
Temperature Extremes:
Operational: -54 C to 52 C (-65 F to 125 F)
Non-Operational: -62 C to 71 C (-80 F to 160 F)
Heat Transfer: Heat transfer coefficient of 0.35 BTU/hr. ft 2/f
Watertightness: Double gaskets at all seams for protection against wind-driven rain

Military Specifications:
Weight: 2364 Kg (5200 pounds)
Payload: 6727 Kg (14,800 pounds)
Roof Loads: Center Section: 366 Kg/m2 uniform load (75 pounds/ft2)
Expandable Section: 195 Kg/m2 uniform load (40 pounds /ft2)
Wall Attachment Loading:: Center Section: 910 Kg (2000pounds) tensile loads
Expandable Section: 455 Kg (1000 pounds) tensile loads
Roof Access Steps: Three recessed folding steps in sidewall and one roof handhold
Optional Items: Skids: Three full-length replaceable skids

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