Part Number: 209666
The M-832 Mobilizer is designed for handling and transport of tactical shelters and portable military radar platforms.
The M-832 is rated for highway or off-road transport of S-280 or similar style shelters when pulled behind a suitable tow vehicle. The M-832 can also load S-280 shelters onto C-130 transport aircraft (either pulled on-board with aircraft winch, or pushed on by a tow vehicle).

Performance Specifications:
Specification MIL-S-55541
Tare Weight:
4,700 lbs. (2,136 kg)
Capacity: 20,000 lbs. (12,500 kg)
Width: 96 in (244 cm)
Height: 96 in (244 cm)
Length: (with Towbar) 407 in (1034 cm)
Length: (without Towbar) 407 in (1034 cm)

Highway Speed: 50 mph (90 kph)
Off-Road Speed: 15 mph (25 kph)
Ground Clearance: 14 in (25 cm)
Brakes: 14 in (25 cm)
Lifting: 14 in (25 cm)
Suspension: 14 in (25 cm)
Tires: 14 in (25 cm)
Electrical System: 14 in (25 cm)

The front M-832 dolly includes a drawbar with 3 inch lunette eye and safety chains. The drawbar is spring loaded and can be stored in the vertical position. The front part also includes an electrical connector to MS 75020-1 and two gladhand fittings to attach to the light and brake connections on the tow vehicle.
The M-832 is equipped with air-spring suspension systems and shock absorbers for smooth transport of electronic shelters. Once attached to the shelter, the M-832 is raised for transport by means of two hydraulic cylinders on each half part operated by a manual hand pump with 24 inch lever. Mechanical lockout struts are provided for safety during transport operations.
The M-832 includes air over hydraulic brakes, lights and reflectors to meet USA road regulations. The unit also incorporates a hand parking brake lever at the rear axle. The running gear tire size is 11 x 22.5.

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