In 1982, Wenzlau Engineering was conducting a solutions review with the US Army for the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS). ASAS is an Army program to automate the processing and analysis of intelligence data from all sources. The objective of the design review was to develop tactically deployable, ruggedized, and automated information system. The objective for the system was to operate on the front lines of a battlefield and not be detectable. At the time, a standard military generator created so much noise that it could be detected from miles away. The Wenzlau Engineering and Army team went out for a lunch break and next door to the restaurant a television show was being filmed. The group realized they were looking at their solution: a silent operating generator that was specifically designed for the television and motion picture industry. Filming with live sound requires that a generator be silent, while the lighting equipment and cameras draw in large amounts of precise power. The cost of production is so expensive that high reliability is essential. Precise power, silent operation, and reliability were exactly what the U.S. Army needed as well.

Wenzlau Engineering reached out to Jay Crawford, the inventor and manufacturer of the studio generator unit, and a partnership was formed. 30 years later Wenzlau Engineering purchased Mr. Crawford’s company. Over this period of time, the Crawford studio generator has maintained nearly exclusive control of the motion picture and entertainment market, and Wenzlau Engineering developed various military versions. The combination of technically advanced acoustic suppression materials, remotely mounted radiators with variable speed fans, redundant fail-safe components, and precise voltage and frequency controls result in a unique design. Whether we are providing power for a tactical military operation where the lives of soliders are at risk or supplying power for the Academy Awards, the Wenzlau Engineering and Crawford family of power systems offer a unique design exclusive to our customers.

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Wenzlau Engineering, Inc. was established in 1956 to provide engineering solutions for the protection and mobilization of sophisticated electronic systems. We remain focused on our initial mission to provide each customer with a single source for mobile products and services resulting in a solution that is cost effective, quick to market and consistently reliable. Our extensive capabilities allow us to assist our clients throughout a program, including conceptualization, business development, engineering, project management, manufacturing, testing, and after sales support.